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Rome Art and Community Center, (RACC) Rome’s only multi-arts facility, serves greater Rome and Oneida County, offering both cultural and community programming at little or no cost to the public. RACC welcomes almost 5,000 visitors annually, from four counties and visitors from all over the US. RACC is committed to making programming accessible to all-regardless of age, race, economic status, or physical ability. Embracing community impact, true to its mission, RACC plays an important role in fostering creativity, cultural awareness, and a strong community connection through a broad range of programming and services. RACC offers unique opportunities to experience the arts on a very personal level, whether it be through hands-on instruction, a quiet walk through serene gallery space, or even as a part of a large community event. RACC is proud to have been a part of the Rome Community since 1967, and impacting the lives of children, teens, and adults every year since.

RACC continues to receive positive feedback from community members who share about the impact that the arts have made in their lives and the lives of their family members. We celebrate the Arts and encourage you to “Step Into the Arts” and make a difference with us!

Rome Art And Community Center is also a home-away-from-home for hundreds of artists each year- whether they exhibit their works in the galleries, attend fine arts workshops or perform here.